Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mary, Mary, quiet contrary...How does your garden grow? cont....

As my garden grows, so do my creative ideas:)

I encourage anyone who feels stuck in a place in your life to find a space you can make your own. Inside or outside your home. Reuse old furniture. Go through your basement and attic for items you can repaint and give new life to. There is something very theraputic to making something old into something new again.

For so long I have envisioned a garden with colorful, eclectic furniture and decorations, but never did it. I love looking at magazines and seeing how pretty some gardens are, but never did my own. After clearing the weeds and leaves from the abandoned garden behind my barn last week - I found my garden muse. The butterfly shape needed I gave it to her. But it needed more. I painted verses and sayings around her shape as reminders of my prayers and positive affirmations. But now I needed a place to sit. Years and years ago, my dad gave me this old metal chair that he had when my mom was alive. I remember this chair when I was little. It used to have an ugly brown cover over it - totally 70's. This chair has moved from house to house with me and never has been used because it's a little broken. Dad always reminded me that this chair is now in the Smithsonian so I never felt like I could change it. Soooo...I called my dad:) Yes, I wanted his approval of spray painting it before I just did it. Now 76 years old and realizing that things are just things and we can't enjoy them unless we use them...he agreed to the painting. So now this chair is bright pink. Next came old shutters. A fresh painting, design and some words of a song and a verse and we have more interest and color. Lastly came another chair. It felt lonely out there in just my wire chair so I made room for a friend. Again, with a little spray paint and some left over fabric - I have another sunny chair.
My prayer garden will continue to evolve this season. I am blooming with ideas! I invite anyone who would like to stop by and see my prayer garden to come on by and have a cup of tea, a talk and some time with me in my garden.

God Bless,

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