Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mary, Mary, quiet contrary...How does your garden grow?

...with silver bells and cockle pink-painted chairs and yummy-veggies:)
(that doesn't rhyme...oh well)
I spent a beautiful, sunny Saturday cleaning out my old flower gardens and preparing a new veggie garden. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. There is deeper meaning to all of this, too.

Personally, Jen never kept up nor created her own garden's. At the homes that I've lived at, previous owners always had beautiful gardens planted. I may have started caring for these gardens for awhile with weeding and remulching but I never kept up with them. I didn't know much about gardening nor had any real interest in learning. So they always became overwhelmed with weeds.

I have envisioned my gardens with eclectic, colorful furniture pieces and signs of all sorts, but never did anything more than stuck store bought decorative stakes in the ground. This year, I'm revamping my gardens and revamping the garden in my mind, body and spirit, too. My muse will be created later this afternoon. I envisioned her at the end of the day but I was too pooped to do it.

Jennifer, is ready to revamp, recreate, reinvent her garden. Jennifer is ready to weed, turn the soil, plant the seeds, water and watch her garden grow. Jennifer is ready for the maintenance of her garden's now...even in the hot, hot summer excuses and no looking for someone else to do the weeding:)

Happy Gardening!
and God Bless!

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