Sunday, May 29, 2011 the garden grows...

My garden is growing! I am so excited about this! The first picture are my tomatoes. They are actually growing. I had no idea how to start a garden a month ago. The ground was tilled and I bought my seeds and planted them. A friend laughed and told me my tomatoes should've been started inside and I thought, "oh well, too late now. Just like Jennifer to just jump in and do it." But now, 3-4 of them are growing!

The best ones are the corn! They're getting higher and higher each day. When they started I wasn't sure if they were the grass mixed in there or if it was the corn but now I can tell the difference.

The last picture is what I believe are the green beans! It's still a little hard to tell. I planted 6 different fruits and veggies. 3 out of 6 isn't too bad. The others are still working and there are beginnings of them I believe but not quite sure.

A wise man told me not to weed until I could tell what was growing and where:) I'm listening to that advise and just plucking the weeds where it is safe to do so and not ruin all that is growing.

Thanks all for reading and letting me share a little bit of joy from my garden.

God Bless,

(p.s. - I write this as my kids are watching Gnomeo & Juliet in the background and talks about "Love builds a Garden:)" LOL

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