Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I was told recently that I haven’t been seeing signs. Funny enough, I have. However, for quite sometime I was blind to some signs that were in my face. Maybe you can call it denial, but they were there and I see them all very clearly now. Call it God, the Universe or Divine Intervention – whatever. I believe everything happens for a reason. It may be difficult to see when you are going through life changes but I believe God places people/signs/inner voice into our lives to guide us on our path.

For years, I have had moments where the little voice said “let --- go” but I chose to ignore it, hang on and fix. There was a moment that I was awoken out of bed at an ungodly hour by something bigger than myself in order to stop something from happening. To me that was a sign that this was meant to be. There were signs and stomach knotting that told me that certain people were not good, but I chose to ignore it. There were changed behaviors and things that should've clued me in. There were scrabble words that came up that should’ve warned me of deceit with someone. There was again that gut feeling and a conversation that should not have been ignored. Sometimes, we shut off to the signs that are right there in front of us. The ones we don’t want to see. The ones we deny. The ones that will hurt us.

Then there are other signs…like praying for help with something and the next thing you know someone is there or affirming your desire and a door opening with possibility. Needing help with insurance claims and someone out of the blue asking you if you need help with something like that. A doctor that you don’t normally see just happens to see you and also had the same disease. They are all signs – signs of a greater Power at work in our lives. Now we just need to not ignore the signs.

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