Friday, April 24, 2009

A Beautiful Space

For years now I have been helping many people create beautiful spaces. I’ve been fixing their problems and helping them decorate their homes to reflect their style. Never would I have guessed that I’d be creating a beautiful space for myself. I’m not talking about my home, I’m talking about my mind and my heart.

This journey has taken me to new levels. I continue to grow. When my husband and I met we were so young. In our early twenties. I had no idea who I really was at the time nor what love really was. I had an interesting upbringing that created me. My life has been so blessed to know the man of my dreams. He is a deeply, profound person, very insightful. He tried to teach me things over the years that I did not appreciate. That I could not understand. I understand now why God brought him into my life.

My heart and mind are creating a new space. This takes a little bit of time. It won’t be perfect but it is beautiful. It is somewhere on a soft, sandy, white beach. I am with the ones that I love so deeply. We are walking hand in hand. We stop to play in the water and laugh. There are shells along the edge that we pick up. Each shell looks so different yet they are all clustered together. Some have soft edges, some are rough. The years in the ocean have changed them but they are still beautiful. Now the shells are picked up by our hands and put into a bucket to go home. They will be washed clean and set somewhere. My children and I may make something out of them. Something new.

Each day is a new adventure, a new beginning. Seize it and make it yours.

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