Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Start from the First Blog and Work Your Way UP!

There seems to be more and more to share. Unfortunately, I'm exhausted from painting the past two days so I'm going to make this a quickie. To make any sense of this, you may want to start from the first blog and work your way up.

My devoted husband, Bob, is also self employed. He has an Advertising/Graphic Design Agency that has been established for 14 years. As his wife, I can't say enough about the work that he does. His talent is amazing! Supporting us can also mean supporting his business. Visit his website www.whutta.com and connect with him about any advertising/design work your business may need.

In regards to my murals, I've had a few questions about them. One of the slideshows to the right of this blog shows a variety of murals and wall designs that I have done. Designing a mural starts with the size of the wall to be covered. Generally, pricing is estimated by the square footage and depends on the design. A mural can be designed in a "simple to paint" style, printed on transparency and projected onto a wall to trace. Any experienced painter could follow the lines and color codes. Another option is having a mural designed and printed onto custom wallpaper that can be hung by any experienced paper hanger.
Email me a picture of your room with the wall in question and I can come up with a creative idea for it. Just email me at jen@jforddesigns.com with a description, pictures and what you'd like to achieve for the room.

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