Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How You Can Help

It is hard to ask for help and so many people have offered. I often wonder why I shy away from accepting or just telling someone what they can do. I think it is just pride getting in the way. This platform offers me an easier way to communicate our needs.

I will be having chemo treatments until early May 2009. They are scheduled every two weeks. Check my calendar to the right of this page for the next month of scheduling. I could use offers to drive and pick me up from my treatments since I feel very groggy afterwards. They are being scheduled for Fridays and usually take about 3 hours.

Other ways to be helpful:

On Saturdays after my chemo, I need to rest. My children have a lot of energy and could use playdate offers together or separately. Chloe is 9 and Carson is 5. They may be shy at first but generally play well with others. They also love going to the movies and have a list of ones they'd like to see.

Meals are currently being provided around my chemo days by my church family. I have not asked for any other days since I am feeling well enough to make dinner most of the time. However, a surprise drop off is always welcome even if it can be frozen to save time and trips to the grocery store.

I am a hard worker which has posed a challenge for me to rest. I do have days that I am well enough to work, but I am pacing myself. I have worked hard for over 3 years to get my interior decorating business off the ground. I am available to consult on a home, do design plans, design/order custom window treatments and light decorative painting. If you are in or around York, PA I'd be happy to make an appointment to see your home. Please email me at to discuss.

One of my passions has been creating wall designs and murals. If this is something you'd like to do in your home I can come up with designs and you can have them painted by someone else or we can discuss ways to have them made as wallpaper or adhesives.

Last but not least, to the right there is a link to donate. I resisted this offer but it is available for anyone who is able to help us at this time. A part of me wants to explain all the financial woos that go along with a cancer diagnosis but most people have a good idea what could be involved.

My family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts! So many have helped us get this far and will see us to the end as well and we thank all of you. It is a humbling time. Prayers are always welcomed as well. I know they have been strong for us and we have found God working in our lives. Thank you everyone for caring.

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  1. Jen -

    You're such a good writer! Thank you for allowing us into your world right now. I am blessed to be your friend. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.