Sunday, February 20, 2011

Believe in Miracles...

Prayers are an amazing thing. Especially when they are answered. I have experienced it before and I am experiencing it again. I find it amazing when you were just praying for something...a miracle...and it actually happens.

When you think you are alone in your problems...pray.
When you think God doesn't hear you...pray again.
When you think it's just not going to happen for you...pray more.

Believe that there are amazing people in this world!
Believe that they are in your life and willing to help.
Believe that you can reach your dreams with work and God's help.
Believe in Miracles!

Have faith when you think you don't any longer.
Have faith that you will learn something along the way.
Have faith that He will answer.
Have faith there is light and love at the end.

Hold onto hope in God and His plan for you.
Hold onto hope that He will guide you on your path.
Hope for more Miracles!

We may not understand why when we are standing in the middle of it. We may not understand when we think we are on the other side of it and quickly find out we are not. We may not understand why bad things happen to good people. We must have faith, believing, hope and prayer that God knows us. How personally He knows each of us is up to you.

Light & Love,

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