Friday, October 22, 2010

When life hands you lemons...

Dear Friends,
It's been an interesting life. Ever wonder why? What's the purpose for all of this? I do. Maybe all too often. I think too much. I've come to understand that I am not alone either in that regard. Many of us do. We move about day to day as human beings wondering - what's the point?. We make plans for tomorrow, next month, next year without even realizing it. Then getting to tomorrow, next month, next year asking ourself...what happened to my plans? Why haven't things changed? It's frustrating...the mystery of life and planning.

I don't have any insight. I think I'm just venting today. Feels like a good day for that. I know tomorrow will come regardless of a plan or not. That is one of God's promises and I am grateful. Kinda tired of planning. Think I'll just roll with today and see what tomorrow brings. I think I'll just be still with my life, make no big plans and see what it brings. Feels like a good day for this today.

When life hands you lemons...what can you make with it? Today...just for today...I think I'll make some lemonade with a lot of sugary sweetness and just sit back and enjoy it.


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