Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Call me crazy...

I just recently have been receiving a small publication in the mail called "Angels". It's a Guidepost publication. I don't subscribe to anything nor did I ever fill anything out to start receiving this lil' book. I don't know how long they have been coming here as I have never even opened them...before now.

About a week ago I got a letter from them saying they were sorry that I may have missed some and thanking me for subscribing and contacting them about not receiving them. First, I did not ever subscribe to it. Nor did I ever contact them about getting these as I thought maybe they were free and just got my name off some list. They come addressed to J Ford - pretty generic. Anyhow, after getting this letter from them I flipped open the lil' Angel book that was on the table to see if they cost anything. And they do. So I started to read this one. Funny...God is funny...(I say this now because nothing is ironic) they are short stories from everyday people who have had encounters with Angels. The message became very clear to me. I have dabbled in writing about some of my own experiences but have kept Angels out of it since I haven't had a good understanding as to why some things happen to me.

Anyway...I'm rambling. This early morning I was sitting outside with my coffee having my "me time". As I looked up I saw these fuzzy figures in front of my eyes. They were close and dancing all around me. I closed my eyes to see if they'd go away and if it was just me and I was having a vision issue or not. I opened my eyes again to see more of them. I squinted to make sure I was right in what I was seeing. They were gracefully flowing around my head within my eyes view. If I turned my head they moved along with me then moved back. I will draw them out soon so you can see them. They were amazing! I started to laugh like a giggly school-girl and they danced even faster.

I know...I know. Now for those who know me - yes, some would call me crazy. I may even call myself crazy at times. I tend to be flighty with too much going on in my head. I tend to be overly-optimistic. But overall my reasoning skills kick in and everything I experience I look for a reason to make some sense of it. This is who I am. I have only recently realized that I am able to be true to myself and believe...have faith...and (Maybe soar is more like it should be but for now it' You'll understand soon what I'm talking about...very soon.

Thanks for reading, following and compassionately understanding:)


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