Monday, January 25, 2010


Tomorrow is my 39th birthday. It is a day of celebration with those closest to me. I find myself reflecting today about my gifts and how grateful and blessed I am. I celebrate having yesterday, today and tomorrow in this body and mind. I celebrate how each day has defined me for the woman I am. I celebrate myself with my two children who have blessed me to be a mom and take on "mom's taxi mini van" with pride. I celebrate with family as I see and define it - my niece who has come to live with me and allow me to share my wisdom with her. I celebrate gifts of openness, compassion, encouragement, joy, happiness, patience, inspiration, kindness, letting go, sharing and more. But most importantly I celebrate LOVE. Love of another in a way that I was unable to love before. The love of a man that I now know how to accept love in return from. I celebrate this year with a heart that is so full that it is bursting with love. So many holes in my heart have been filled by him and two young boys. I celebrate how fortunate we all are that I have had the past experiences that I had and can now truly open my heart unconditionally to love and be the woman, mother, mentor, friend that I was meant to always be.
As Valentine's Day comes soon, consider who and how you will show your love to the ones you love the most. This is the year to find your sappiness and express your love in every way possible. You may be surprised what gifts you will get in return.

Many Blessings,

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